1984 Biman Bangladesh Airlines Fokker F27 crash

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1984 Biman Bangladesh Airlines Fokker F27 crash

Aviation accidentOn 5 August 1984, a Biman Bangladesh Airlines Fokker F27-600 crashed into a marsh near Zia International Airport (now Shahjalal International Airport) in Dhaka, Bangladesh while landing in poor weather. [1] The aircraft was performing a scheduled domestic passenger flight between Patenga Airport, Chittagong and Zia International Airport, Dhaka. [3][4]Aircraft and crew [ edit ]The aircraft, a Fokker F27-600 registered S2-ABJ, was manufactured in 1971. [2] Amid these conditions, the crew first attempted a VOR approach to Zia International Airport's runway 32. [a][1]Passengers [ edit ]There were a total of 45 passengers and 4 crew members on board the flight, all of whom perished in the crash.

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