Bombings of Paddington and Victoria stations

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Bombings of Paddington and Victoria stations

1991 IRA bombings of two London rail stations during The Troubles\"1991 London bombings\" redirects here. [9]On 8 September 1973, an IRA bomb exploded at the ticket office in Victoria station, injuring five people. [citation needed]The bombings [ edit ]The Paddington bomb went off at 4:20am, it was much smaller than the second bomb at Victoria and was designed to make sure the security services would take the Victoria bomb seriously and not as a hoax. \"[10] The Victoria station bomb, which was hidden in a rubbish bin inside the station, went off at 7:40 am. \"[16]Aftermath [ edit ]The Home Secretary, Kenneth Baker, visited Victoria station after the bomb and said \"The concourse of Victoria is covered in blood.

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