Ercole I d'Este, Duke of Ferrara

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Ercole I d'Este, Duke of Ferrara

Ercole I d'Este, KG (26 October 1431 – 25 January 1505) was Duke of Ferrara from 1471 until 1505. [1]Biography [ edit ]Ercole was born in 1431 in Ferrara to Nicolò III and Ricciarda da Saluzzo. [2]In 1471, with the support of the Republic of Venice, he became Duke on the death of his half-brother Borso, profiting of the absence of the latter's son, Niccolò, who was in Mantua. [3] During an absence of Ercole from Ferrara, Niccolò attempted a coup, which was however crushed; Niccolò and his cousin Azzo were beheaded on 4 September 1476. [10]Family and issue [ edit ]Ercole and Eleonora had six children:Ercole had two illegitimate children:Lucrezia d'Este, born ca 1477 (married Annibale II Bentivoglio)GiulioSee also [ edit ]References [ edit ]

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