List of heads of government of Liechtenstein

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List of heads of government of Liechtenstein

Wikipedia list articleThis is a list of the Regierungschef (Heads of Government or Prime Ministers) of Liechtenstein. The current head of government is Adrian Hasler, since 27 March 2013. Governors of Liechtenstein [ edit ]Landesverweser from 1861 to 1921. Governor Political party Took office Left office Monarch 1 Karl Freiherr Haus von Hausen(1823–1889) Independent April 1861 23 September 1884 Johann II 2 Carl von In der Maur(1852–1913) Independent 23 September 1884 5 September 1892 3 Friedrich Stellwag von Carion(1852–1896) Independent 5 September 1892 24 October 1896 4 Carl von In der Maur(1852–1913) Independent 4 January 1897 11 December 1913 5 Leopold Freiherr von Imhof(1869–1922) Independent 1 April 1914 13 November 1918 — Martin RitterChairman of the Provisional Executive Committee(1869–1922) Christian-Social People's Party 7 November 1918 7 December 1918 6 Prince Karl von Liechtenstein(1878–1955) Independent 13 December 1918 15 September 1920 7 Josef Peer(1864–1925) Independent 15 September 1920 23 March 1921Prime Ministers of Liechtenstein [ edit ][2]Deputy Prime Ministers of Liechtenstein [ edit ]References [ edit ]

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