List of heads of state of Panama

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List of heads of state of Panama

Wikipedia list articleThis article lists the heads of state of Panama since the short-lived first independence from the Republic of New Granada in 1840 and the final separation from Colombia in 1903. Free State of the Isthmus (1840–1841) [ edit ]Superior Civil Chief: 18 November 1840 – 20 March 1841 General Juan LopezSuperior Chief of State: 20 March 1841 – 8 June 1841 Tomás de HerreraPresident: 8 June 1841 – 31 December 1841 Tomás de HerreraRepublic of Panama (1903–present) [ edit ]President of the Municipal Council of Panama and de facto President (1903) [ edit ]Name(Birth–Death) Portrait Term of Office Demetrio H. Brid(1859–1917) 3 November 1903 4 November 1903Members of the Provisional Government Junta (1903–1904) [ edit ]Presidents of Panama (1904–present) [ edit ]Military (de facto) leaders of Panama (1968–1989) [ edit ]Panama was from 1968–1989 de facto controlled by a military junta which appointed the nominal president, who himself had little power, while the junta and its leaders, while not official heads of state, exerted actual control over the country. Living former presidents [ edit ]There are nine living former presidents. The most recent former president to die was Eric Arturo Delvalle (1985–1988), on 2 October 2015. Timeline [ edit ]Latest election [ edit ]See also [ edit ]

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