List of world records in athletics

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List of world records in athletics

Wikipedia list articleJürgen Schult beside the indication of his new discus world record, 1986World records in athletics are ratified by World Athletics. World records [ edit ]World Athletics (then IAAF) commenced the recognition of world records in 1912, and indoor world records after 1987. In 2000, IAAF rule 260.18a (formerly 260.6a) was amended, so that \"world records\" (as opposed to \"indoor world records\") can be set in a facility \"with or without roof.\" Key to tables [ edit ]Awaiting ratification not ratified or later rescinded by World Athleticsh = hand timing+ = en route to a longer distanceA = affected by altitudeOT = oversized trackX = annulled due to doping violations# = not officially ratified by World Athleticsa = aided road course according to IAAF rule 260.28est = estimatei = set indoors (overall world record tables only)Men [ edit ]Women [ edit ]Mixed [ edit ]Indoor world records [ edit ]Men [ edit ]Women [ edit ]Best performances in non-WA World Record events [ edit ]Events which do not qualify for World Athletics-ratified world records are typically referred to as world bests. The prior world records in individual men's and women's javelin were invalidated, but the prior records in decathlon and heptathlon were not.

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