Louisiana Lottery launches Pick 5 draw game

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Louisiana Lottery launches Pick 5 draw game

Lottery releases its third daily numbers gameBy Kate NorthropYesterday, the Louisiana Lottery launched Pick 5, the third game in its family of daily numbers games that also includes Pick 3 and Pick 4. \"Our daily numbers game sales have shown solid, continual growth over the last several years with fiscal year sales up more than 21% over last year,\" Louisiana Lottery President Rose Hudson said in a press release. \"We believe our daily numbers game players are ready for something new and more options to play their favorite numbers!\" Just like in Pick 3 and Pick 4, Pick 5 allows players to wager their numbers Straight (exact order), Box (any order), and Straight/Box ($0.50 Straight play combined with $0.50 Box play). Pick 5 will follow the same daily draw format as Pick 3 and Pick 4 but will not be drawn on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday.

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