NEW VIDEO: Infamous lottery winners - Part 2

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NEW VIDEO: Infamous lottery winners - Part 2

By Kate NorthropMARTINSVILLE, NJ — Today Lottery Post published the second part of \"The 10 Most Infamous Lottery Winners\" series. Three weeks ago, Lottery Post released the first part of a two-part series that took a closer look at some of the most infamous lottery winners in history. The 10 Most Infamous lottery winners Part 2 takes a close look at five more lottery winners who did not benefit from winning the lottery or made some questionable choices with their winnings that spelled disaster. In this second video, you might recognize some familiar names such as \"Lotto Lout\" Michael Carroll and Tonda Lynn Dickerson, but who else made the cut? WATCH: Infamous lottery winners — Part 2To see who rounded out our list of infamous lottery winners, visit Lottery Post's official YouTube channel.

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