Prime Minister of Serbia and Montenegro

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Prime Minister of Serbia and Montenegro

Not to be confused with Prime Minister of YugoslaviaThe prime minister of Serbia and Montenegro was the head of government of Serbia and Montenegro from its establishment in 1992 up until the state's dissolution in 2006. The office was merged in 2003 with the head of state, providing for one person to hold both the office of President of Serbia and Montenegro and Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Serbia and Montenegro. Prime ministers [ edit ]There were five presidents of the Federal Government of the FR Yugoslavia after its assertion of independence from the SFR Yugoslavia in 1992 up until its dissolution in 2003. Svetozar Marović of the Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro (DPS) was the only chairman of the Council of Ministers of Serbia and Montenegro after its constitutional reforms and reconstitution as a confederacy. [1]Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro Socialist People's Party of Montenegro IndependentLiving former prime ministers [ edit ]Name Term Date of birth Milan Panić 1992–1993 ( 1929-12-20 ) 20 December 1929 (age 91) Radoje Kontić 1993–1998 ( 1937-05-31 ) 31 May 1937 (age 83) Svetozar Marović 2003–2006 ( 1955-03-31 ) 31 March 1955 (age 65)See also [ edit ]

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