Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

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Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Head of government of the United KingdomThe prime minister of the United Kingdom (informally abbreviated to PM) is the head of government of the United Kingdom. As late as 1904, Arthur Balfour explained the status of his office in a speech at Haddington: \"The Prime Minister has no salary as Prime Minister. Precedence, privileges and form of addressChequers Court, the prime minister's official country home , the prime minister's official country homeBy tradition, before a new prime minister can occupy 10 Downing Street, they are required to announce to the country and the world that they have \"kissed hands\" with the reigning monarch, and have thus become Prime Minister. As \"prime minister\" is a position, not a title, the incumbent should be referred to as \"the prime minister\". See alsoLists of Prime Ministers by different criteriaAll lists: Category:Lists of Prime Ministers of the United KingdomOther related pagesMore related pages: Category:Prime Ministers of the United KingdomNotesReferencesWorks citedFurther reading

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