Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

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Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland also referred to as the Northern Ireland Secretary, is the principal secretary of state in Her Majesty's Government who represents Northern Ireland in Cabinet. [citation needed]Formerly holding a large portfolio over home affairs in Northern Ireland, the current devolution settlement has lessened the secretary of state's role, granting many of the former powers to the Northern Ireland Assembly and Northern Ireland Executive. As Labour has not fielded candidates in Northern Ireland and the Conservatives have not had candidates elected to Northern Ireland Assembly or for House of Commons seats in the region, those appointed as secretary of state for Northern Ireland have not represented a constituency in Northern Ireland. [3] Scotland and Wales were represented by the Secretary of State for Scotland and Secretary of State for Wales from 1885 and 1964 respectively, but Northern Ireland remained separate, owing to the devolved Northern Ireland Government and Northern Ireland Parliament. The Northern Ireland Constitutional Convention (1975–1976) and Northern Ireland Assembly (1982–1986) were unsuccessful in restoring devolved government.

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