Shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes

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Shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes

[6][7][8]Shooting [ edit ]Almost all of the facts regarding the Menezes shooting were initially disputed by various parties. The Menezes family condemned the shooting and rejected the apology. \"[8]Jean Charles de Menezes Family Campaign [ edit ]Shrine to Jean Charles de Menezes outside Stockwell Underground StationOn 16 August 2005, the Jean Charles de Menezes Family Campaign, also known as \"Justice4Jean\", began calling for a public inquiry into the \"unlawful killing\" of Menezes. After the claim was made public in March 2006, the Menezes family denied the allegation and claimed that the Metropolitan Police were trying to smear Menezes. [134][135]Music [ edit ]\"Hollow Point\", from the album Handmade Life, a song about the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, was written by the English folk musician, songwriter and composer Chris Wood.

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